Artist Bio - Kathleen Huebener

Throughout my life as an artist, I have been blessed with many opportunities. I have taken art classes, workshops, and even went back to college. though I consider these just pieces of the whole quest – to convey what is within my soul aching to be expressed. Isn’t that, in truth, what Fine Art is?


I have used many mediums for my artwork, everything from pencil to charcoal, from watercolor to acrylic. I created collages, using my own handmade paper. Although my watercolors, pencil artworks, collages, and other works are no longer for sale, a sampling of each category is available for viewing on my website in the appropriate galleries.  


However, for the past few years, I have been concentrating on working in acrylics. I like the fluidity, yet fast drying, aspects of acrylics. The sculpting effect possible through acrylics is phenomenal! Acrylics is definitely one of my favorite mediums.


Through the years, besides creating Fine Art,  I have been a promoter of Fine Art. I have served as president of the Marion Arts Council, chairman of the Marion Arts Festival Advisory Board, president of Creative Artists, member of the Cedar Rapids Metropolitan Arts Council, president of the Iowa Watercolor Society, board member of the Hoover Presidential Library’s President’s Best Art Show, member of Iowa Scribes, and am currently active in Creative Artists, Iowa Artists, and Iowa Watercolor Society. I have given art lectures and taught many art classes throughout the years, including those for the Marion Arts Council at Lowe Park Arts & Environment Center.


But now my life has slowed down (I am getting older, and perhaps wiser) and this is a good thing. I feel set free, as creativity and imagination, combined with natural curiosity, permeate my thoughts, my vision, and, subsequently, my art ever more strongly. I am continually following my quest - to convey what is within my soul. Add to this quest, the exciting acrylic art projects just ahead lead me to declare that life as an artist is fantastic! 


For these blessings, I am truly grateful to the LORD. 



 My Mission Statement:

To empower the creativity within my soul,

To procreate in my artwork the wisdom

And knowledge I've absorbed,

To achieve hand, head, and heart balance in my art

To ever learn and never stop my quest-

Of being the best artist I can be,

And to inspire other artists that they too

Can follow their dreams.