New Vision Plus

by Kathleen Huebener in Miscellaneous
New vision is complete! Both eyes have new lenses now. I am still recovering from surgery and a reaction to the anesthetic, but my eyes see! Wow, what a miracle to look out my window and have DEPTH PERCEPTION! For three years I have been missing that great asset of sight. One never knows how much depth perception plays a part of one’s life, until it’s gone.
Besides, reaching for things and not missing, depth perception also helps one walk without dizziness. It’s been good for me to experience this lack of depth perception.  Because, even though I had compassion for those with poor eyesight, I now have a deeper understanding of what it is like to live this way. As always, I give God the glory for blessing me and restoring my sight. And now back to business…
Next week I’ll start sharing what I have been learning about acrylics. It’s an exciting world, acrylics is. With great joy, I’m getting back to painting with my new vision. Stay tuned for UPdates!