Fresh Perception and Passion Ahead!

by Kathleen Huebener in Miscellaneous
Dear Fellow Artists, thanks to the encouragement and suggestions from my “Best-in-the-World” Web Site Meisters www.foliotwistcom, I am aspiring to compose new informative blog posts beginning this Monday that will reflect art in my life.
Creating art, as you already know, takes many steps; for me, it begins first with the pondering of an abstract thought, emotion, or fervor within my soul. This follows with a great appreciation of my art materials and techniques and all I can accomplish with them.  The process or journey of creating the art continues usually in levels or stages and ends with a jubilant euphoria of a completed work.
I will attempt to convey my passion for art in my life in my blogs. On Monday I will begin with progress reports about a stone memorial that I have been asked to create.  The memorial is for a little 10 year-old girl Jasmine Maske who passed away over a year ago. Her grandparents wish the stones to be placed in their butterfly garden. So stay tuned. More is to come.
Have a Super Colossal Day by fervently painting!