Memorial Stone for a Child

by Kathleen Huebener in Works in Progress


Saga of Jasmine’s Garden continues:


I began to design the memorial stone for Jasmine. I created life-sized cutouts of both stones on which I could sketch ideas. At this time, I was planning to use just one stone, as suggested by Linda, Jasmine’s grandmother. Which stone would be the best one for the memorial stone, I did not know at this point. Linda had mentioned to me that she was thinking of the lettering “In Memorial -Jasmine Jean Maske – Oct. 8, 1999 – Dec. 10, 2009” being on the stone.


I tried different sketches, but nothing clicked. I knew I needed outside help, so I prayed for God to shed some light on this subject. Then it hit me almost like a bolt of lightning. (He works fast, believe me.) The notion was to create something that Jasmine would like; create something that Jasmine would make herself. This special memorial stone would certainly be something to place in the Maske’s butterfly garden, because it would be from Jasmine.


It was then everything popped into place. Instead of using just one stone, it would be necessary to use both. Here is the pattern for Jasmine’s stones: 


The stones, bottoms buried in the ground and enforced with rods from behind, will stand erect. Because this is a pattern, these colors are not the actual colors we will be using. I can say “we” because of what happened next.


Before I could proceed to the next step, I needed to clear the pattern with Linda. I explained the pattern this way: “Linda, you want a memorial stone for your butterfly garden to remember Jasmine. If you had a memorial stone, similar to those in a cemetery, the garden would be a place of great sadness every time you saw it. It would pierce your heart literally every time. That should not be the case, for in truth, Jasmine is alive! She is living with Jesus Christ.
Thus, I propose to use both stones and for them to be decorated to look like Jasmine did it herself. This way when you look at the stones in the butterfly garden, you will think of Jasmine as alive. When you feel the warmth of the sun on your shoulders, you will think of Jasmine. When you see butterflies flittering about, you will think of Jasmine. The garden will be filled with happiness, smiles, and great peace.”


Both Linda and her husband John were thrilled with the idea and were ready to help. They remarked that Jasmine’s mother, Melissa, would also want to join in creating the letters and butterflies. The reason for their willingness to help was due to the substance we are going to use for the memorial stones: oven-baked clay! This is a perfect medium for Jasmine’s Garden.


Here is the scoop: for materials, I have been collecting plenty of Fimo and Sculpey clays. Linda has a toaster oven so we can bake the letters and butterflies outside on my patio. This way we eliminate the danger of fumes inside the house. The plan is to attach the baked clay letters and butterflies to the concrete with silicone material or silastic that would be waterproof. If this adhesive does not fit the bill, the Lord will provide another.


In the coming weeks, there will be more about what we are learning about the process of rolling, cutting, and baking the clay. Be sure to check in and see how the stones are coming along.