No Toss of the Coin

by Kathleen Huebener in Works in Progress


Cold rainy weather is not good for working outside on the memorial stones. However, the weather is perfect for a good cup of tea and time to reflect.  Life is like two sides of a coin. One side is good, while the other bad. The people who inspire, encourage, and expect the best of us are on the good side. However, on the other side of the coin, the dark side, are the manipulators, the liars, and the worst scum you would ever want to meet. These are the people who want you to fail; who would rather see you in despair and turmoil than being successful. In addition, if they can drive you in that direction of chaos, more power to them. They want this power over you.

On my web site, I have experienced both kinds. On one hand, there are people like Bob Naujoks Bob Naujoks: Scriptures Part 1, Noma Lucas, and I could mention so many more artists. These people make a person want to go paint up a storm, climb every height, and be successful.

Then there is the other kind, such as one person who is determined to undermine my work and see me fail. She contacted me through my web site. I have had dealings with this woman before; she changes her emails and uses different names to deceive me. She is now feigning to be an artist who wanted advice on varnishing. I recognized her immediately although she used a different name. I replied to her questions about varnishing with one professional email, wondering how long she would continue the facade. Her emails have turned from being inquisitive to direct put-downs of my web site articles, questioning my results. She never wanted advice about varnishing. She has another objective in mind, and it is not for my good.  

The final decision of how to react is up to me. What side of the coin will I allow to affect my art and me? I chose the good side of the coin. I will focus on the job ahead, because my web site and, in fact, my whole life belongs to the Lord. They have been dedicated to God since day one.

This does not mean I ignore this bad behavior. I have taken this matter to the Lord. Like Hezekiah in II Kings 19, I have laid this before God and have prayed that He take care of it. I have no doubts that He will. As God’s answer to Hezekiah’s prayer was so dramatic, His answer to this problem will also be dramatic. I praise His Name for His faithfulness, Jehovah-shalom. Jehovah is my Peace.

Bottom line: Do not let the dark side of the coin have power over you. It has no power over you, unless you allow it. It is up to you to choose your own path in life. Free yourself; focus on your artwork and your fellowship with God.