A Website: An Ongoing Education

by Kathleen Huebener in Works in Progress

At first, the title of this blog may sound like I am speaking of the education and art experiments I share with my readers, but it is not. The title, in truth, signifies the education I myself am receiving when running this website. My website has been and continues to be an ongoing education for me.


This education would have been impossible if I did not have the best Website Meisters Dan and Zac co-founders of Foliotwist. Dan is also the owner and editor of EmptyEasel.com. These men have designed the user-friendly website set-up. With their set-up, they have created website revolutionary guides called the Traffic Booster Training Course. Each Traffic Booster contains one topic. One word “Out-of-Sight!” describes this top-notch information available! Traffic Boosters enable Foliotwist artists to master important skills like blogging, online marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and to create a good website design.

The Traffic Boosters start with the basics, and build up to more advanced information. Because Dan and Zac designed the Traffic Boosters to be “hands-on”, they contain practice exercises and sometimes homework, so we actually learn the topic before we advance to the next one. In addition, we go at our own pace. For example, some important dates were coming up and I needed to put the Traffic Boosters on hold for a short time. No problem to click on the hold button and that was that.

If any problems do arise, Dan and Zac are open 24/7 (no lie) to give help and support. I have already used their “HELP!” services and can say without hesitation, they got back to me promptly the same day! Moreover, the important part was that the problem was SOLVED quickly also. They are incredible!

Through Dan, Zac, and their Traffic Boosters, I am learning high-tech things about running a website and mastering skills to use on the internet. This website is also teaching me to discipline myself and to focus on the task ahead. I mention Foliotwist in this blog because today at the Creative Artists meeting some artists asked for more information. For you who are interested in having your own website, check them out. It is worth a look.
To you fellow artists, I say a big thank-you for all your good comments and encouragement about my website and the information I have been posting. The fact that the compliments are coming from my peers makes it extra sweet. I also thank my excellent Web Meisters Dan and Zac of Foliotwist for making my website and my ongoing education all possible. Check them out.