Essence of Joy

by Kathleen Huebener in Painting Tips

One of my favorite things to do is just plain ol’ painting, which is a blast of fun. I forget all the pressures of creating art and just concentrate on releasing what is inside of me. My painting may not end up as an abstract or it may not even turn out at all! Who cares! What is important, during this time, is just to have fun and create! Do you ever have moments like this; times when you throw caution to the wind and go just for the thrill of painting? You find yourself not trying to please anyone but yourself. Pure essence of joy is this experienced freedom!


I experienced this essence of joy when I painted “Bethany” and “The Waterpot.” They are the sample artworks used in my “Painting Tips” blogs: “Free As A Lark” Painting, “Valuable Values” and “Behold the Ruby.” Some web site viewers have asked me to show these finished art pieces. Because I am only highlighting my abstracts on my web site, I have planned not to post these realism paintings in the gallery. These two paintings will be, however, in an exhibition at Westdale Mall in the very near future and, yes, and for you who asked, I will post them now in this “Painting Tips” blog.
  This painting started out with the Checkerboard H Composition. To see the entire article, click “Free As A Lark” Painting.
Many exciting Biblical events took place in the small village Bethany on the eastern slope of the Mount of Olives. The one that struck me the most and the one I felt as I painted this was the story about Lazarus in John 11. Lazarus had died and had been placed in a tomb. It was at this tomb, when all the powers of the life-giving breath of God flowed through Jesus’ voice in, “Lazarus, Come Forth!” Lazarus, who had been dead, came forth out of the tomb,
alive and well.

“…the water I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.”
John 4:14.
The living waters, refreshing, vibrant, and strong,
are rushing though my soul and spirit giving new life.
“Bethany” is not an abstract but it is meaningful to me; ah, the essence of joy.
The Waterpot
Portions of “The Waterpot” were used as examples in both
You might be amused if I told you, that before I would paint on this piece,
I studied each section of the painting that I would be working on for 30 minutes at a time.
No kidding! I really did! I would set the unfinished painting up in front of my treadmill.
While walking, I studied the portion I would be working on.
When my walking time was done, I would spend the next hour implementing what I had decided to accomplish.
Both by adding paint and by using subtraction techniques,
I sculpted “The Waterpot” into being. What fun!
Ah, the essence of joy abounded each time I worked on this painting.

I hope you too let yourself go and have fun painting. Who cares if you do not make a masterpiece or even make a plug nickel from it? Let yourself go and paint!

You will make yourself happy by painting freely. Try it.

The essence of joy is what it is all about, my Friend. The Essence of Joy!