Ulysses S. Grant

by Kathleen Huebener in Works in Progress

In Galena, Illinois, an historic treasure is located, Ulysses S. Grant Home State Historic Site. In 1868, Ulysses S. Grant became our country’s 18th President and was re-elected in 1872. The Grants maintained this home as their voting residence until 1881, when they moved to New York City to be near two of their children.

All photos taken by William Huebener

Filled with interesting information about the Grant’s family life,
this historic site provides a deeper insight of the man Ulysses S. Grant himself.

 Artists recognize another aspect of history, which includes artwork displayed in homes.

What kind of artwork did we find on the walls in the Grant home?

The only original painting in the home is the one that outranked the rest and
definitely commanded respect when viewed.
Ulysses S. GrantThe rest of the paintings displayed in the home are painted replicas of the originals
which are now on exhibition in the Smithsonian.
The paintings on either side of Grant’s portrait were gifts by a foreign government.
Ulysses and Julia Dent Grant
One observation popped into my head.
I wonder when Grant’s head was added to the portrait,
for it appears to be painted in a different manner
than the manner in which his wife’s whole body was painted.
Perhaps he could not pose long with his intense schedule.


Another Civil War remembrance was that of Gen. Grant, President Lincoln,
and other generals discussing the war.
Note the rainbow behind President Lincoln,
symbolizing the storm is over and the United States’ future bright.


In Grant’s home, the patriotic American Eagle was also shown with pride.
The eagle and flags were created in needlepoint upon a cloth of blue.
There were numerous framed photographs of Gen. Grant
during different stages of the Civil War.
History is remembered by the artwork on the wall.
Artists recognize their importance.
For more history, visit Ulysses S. Grant Home State Historic Site
and other historic homes around our nation.

  They are historic treasures.