Be Bold I am told.

by Kathleen Huebener in Painting Tips
Continuing in my depth studies, I am working on a painting of rods,
most of which are colored pencils. Here is a portion of my painting.
So far, it is a light value painting.
However, to improve it, I get out my trusty red filter
 to get another perspective of the painting’s values.
Ouch! Too many light values require more contrast to make those lights pop out!
I am always amazed at how much I learn when viewing through my trusty red filter.

I proceed to make a warm wash of burnt sienna and yellow ochre,
while making sure to keep separate areas of both colors.
I begin to apply, remembering the importance matching the values of each rod
with either a darker wash with more burnt sienna or a lighter wash with more yellow ochre.
This simply means next to a light value, add the darker wash.
Yikes, the wash was too dark for the wooden tip of the pencil. I just pulled out
the handy dandy cotton swab and wiped the paint off.
What a great invention cotton swabs are for a quick fix!
After studying this portion and deciding that the wash
was not dark enough, I added the crimson hue
I originally mixed for the crimson stripes.

The values and colors are now starting to click!


Things are progressing.

 It is time to step back and study the painting again.
I see that I need to make those dark values even darker.
Go bold with darker values.
It takes guts to go bold.
Painting IS such an adventure, isn’t it.