Dry Creek Art Fest Extras

by Kathleen Huebener in Works in Progress

Before sharing more web sites of the art fest artists, for those of you who have never attended the Dry Creek Art Fest (this year on Saturday Sept. 10 and Sunday Sept 11, 2011), here are a few extras, especially aimed at the creativity portion of your brain. As stated before, the Art Fest is located on Gary and Karen Sands’ farm in Hiawatha, Iowa. Karen Sands is a talented artist, working primarily in 2-D and pottery. Her husband Gary is a genius in creating phenomenal wooden renovations of their two-story historic barn.

Photo taken by Noma Lucas
 The barnyard, seen across from the barn, is an ambiance of rustic beauty and calm.

  This and the rest of the photos were taken by William Huebener
 A closer look through the flowerbed reveals a cat under the umbrella, enjoying a nap.

Besides the gorgeous flower beds,
there are many flower boxes to satisfy a gardener’s palate for beauty,
and to also muse ideas for future paintings. Artists, take note.

Each area needs our special attention,
because Karen has tucked in many whimsical planters
 and artwork amongst the flowers.

A large working fountain treasure also lives in the Sands’ yard.
Its gentle cascading droplets send rhythmic tones in the breezes.
Also scattered around on the farm grounds are relics from Iowa’s past,
allowing the viewer to rendezvous with history.
After changing this colored photo to black and white,
we could imagine this cart or wagon remnants as being from the Civil War era.

Perhaps a painting would be the result of such a creative spark.

All this beauty is beckoning the visitors to the Dry Creek Art Fest.

And this is just the OUTSIDE! Wait until you see what is INSIDE the barn!

What a great art venue!

  The Dry Creek Art Fest says to you,
“Come. Enjoy art! “
Sept. 10 and Sunday Sept 11, 2011
 Next week more info on the art fest artists – really.