Lying and Lance

by Kathleen Huebener in Inspiration

 Just recently, the Associated Press had an article on lying and Lance Armstrong.7 They quoted Robert Feldman, professor at the University of Massachusetts, saying, ” Nothing about the Lance Armstrong case is shocking. We all lie every day. We live in a culture where lying is quite acceptable.” David Livingston Smith, a professor at University of New England in Maine added, “ Lying is extraordinarily common and we couldn’t get along without it. It greases the wheels of society.” 


Is it true that we are living in a society where lying abounds; where truth and ethics are a rare commodity? Is there no one who will stand up and state that lying is wrong? Is there anyone who hates lying and advocates truth?


There is someone who says that lying is wrong. Who is that someone? Almighty God. Not only does God say lying is wrong, He also hates lying. A lying tongue is among the seven things the LORD hates. 1 “ I hate and abhor lying…”2


Lance Armstrong, after confessing to lying, bullying, and betraying others’ trust, was asked if he feel guilty about doing these things. He replied,” Not really.” When asked if he felt badly about what he had done, Armstrong replied, “No.” His answers are proof that his conscience has been seared with a hot iron – no guilt, no acknowledgement of doing anything wrong.3 In fact, Armstrong only seems sorry that he was caught.  


There are consequences when one lies. The person starts with one lie, then adds another, and another, and so forth, until the whole conglomeration of lies escalates the liar downward spiraling into destruction. In Armstrong’s case, he was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and his Olympic metal. All the charities that he created are in shock of betrayal. Some have even ousted him out of the organizations. He is facing ever-increasing amounts of lawsuits. Armstrong was once biking high at the top of the world; now he is now in the lowest despair. 


Consequences. Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil. For all this God’s anger is not turned away, but His hand is stretched out still toward the lost.4 Isn’t this amazing! Amidst all this sickening atmosphere of lies, God is standing by with outstretched arms, pleading for the lost one to turn to Him. From his actions, Armstrong has shown that Christ doesn’t live in his heart.5 In the lowest of low, Lance Armstrong’s only hope is that he looks upward and with his whole heart turns to Christ for salvation. For you see, grace and truth came by Jesus Christ. 6 Christ is truly the only way out of the pit.  


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2 Psalm 119: 163

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4 Isaiah 5: 20, 25 

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7 The Gazette Jan.21, 2013