Iowa Artists Regional 8 2014 Art Show

by Kathleen Huebener in Art Inspires Art

Spring Season is Art Season here in Iowa. Already there has been a major art show- Iowa Artists Region 8 Show down in Coralville, Iowa April 12, 2014.  The artist globetrotter David Garrison was the judge of this art event. Check out his web site., David also gave an excellent pastel demonstration of a still life. But I must admit that my favorite part was when David critiqued all entries. We artists appreciated his kind and insightful comments. It is a great learning experience!


Two of my paintings received First Place Blue Ribbons.Thought you might like to see them. 

 The Warbler



This “The Warbler” is based on Psalm 5. I cried unto the LORD. Here the gentle comforting blue mist coming in symbolizes cool refreshing sent from God. 


 New Beginning




It is not easy to get avocado seeds to sprout. However, when it happens, the leaves on the tall lanky stems are beautiful. These are avocado seedlings I had babied in the winter. I had put them in the morning sun for a sunbath. God’s beauty is so evident in His creations. 


Next fantastic art event is the Iowa Artists 2014 State Art Show May 3 in Marion, Iowa! Usually we have had to travel to Des Moines or the western part of the state for this show. What an honor to have it here! Top artists from all over the state will be presenting their artwork in this show. My two first place paintings have made it possible for me to be included in this group. I am deeply honored.


 More excellent art shows are still to come! 
Stay posted for more FUN!