Repeat, Repeat, Repeat Again

by Kathleen Huebener in Art Inspires Art

An exciting “extremely creative” art event is coming up shortly on May 8th. Picture this. During an art club meeting, each artist is given the same black and white photo. Then a challenge was given to render any part of it or all of it in the medium of their choice. At a certain date, an exhibition would be held to display all the artwork created from the photo. Imagine the wide variety of artwork this challenge would produce… and the fun!


Creative Artists did just this. The “Repeat, Repeat, Repeat Again” Art Committee gave the same black and white photo to each member. This is that photo.  


Rules were to study this photo and to render any part of it or all of it in an artwork using the medium of one’s choice. There is no limit to size of artwork and the paintings can be vertical or horizontal. For the 2014 “Repeat, Repeat, Repeat Again” Art Exhibition, a wide assortment of mediums is expected: watercolor, oil, acrylic, pastel, pencil, mixed media, inks, and more.


However, the shining glory of this art show is to see the different personalities of the artists come out in their interpretations. For all artists, amateur or professional, this is a learning opportunity! Creative Artists is an art group where artists support each other by sharing ideas, art information about mediums, supplies, and techniques. 


This big Art Event will be Thursday, May 8th at Prairiewoods, Hiawatha, Iowa.
Next week I’ll post a few of the 2014 “Repeat, Repeat, Repeat Again” artwork,
including my own. This outstanding exhibition will be definitely one to view!