Through the Eyes of the Beholder

by Kathleen Huebener in Art Inspires Art

Winter Scenario on the frozen plains of eastern North Dakota:

Amidst high snowdrifts, a college student trudges early morning to class. Bitterly cold winds whip snow crystals into a whistling mass cascading around him as he walks. Hurrying along, his eyes momentarily catch a glimpse of the rising sun. In that short fraction of time, the artist within him stirs him to stop and to observe what is now appearing before his eyes.
He stops, looks, and is enthralled. Before the brilliance has a chance to wane, he grabs a camera from his backpack and begins documenting the beauty of each precious moment.
The young college student is Jason Larson.


Although his major is in science, Jason Larson enjoys photography and luckily has his camera always close at hand. After viewing Jason’s work, I recognized that only one with the eyes of an artist could have possibly taken these photos. I might add that some of his photos literally took my breath away. His photos deserve to be seen.


In the following three weeks, I have the honor of presenting
Photography by Jason Larson in “Art Inspires Art.”


Each week will contain an assortment of abstracts or distortions of radiance caused by blowing snow, intriguing colorful silhouettes, cryptic “signs and wonders”, and the best reflections photos I have seen in a long time.      



“Illumination in Winter” Part 1

 Scenes of heavenly phenomena on the frozen North Dakota landscape
Jason Larson

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View more of Jason Larson’s photography of the frozen plains of North Dakota
“Illumination in Winter” Part 2 next week in “Art Inspires Art.”



Psalm 19: 1

 “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament showeth His handiwork.”