Two Men and a Wagon

by Kathleen Huebener in Art Inspires Art
Earlier this year, Creative Artists “Repeat, Repeat, Repeat Again” Art Committee gave the same black and white photo to each CA member. Then a challenge was rendered: to create a painting using any part of it or all of it in the medium of their choice. On May 8th an exhibition was held to display all the artwork created.


This is that black and white photo given to each member.
When I first saw this photo, I was not too keen on it. It was much too busy, had all the same values, and had too many unrelated parts. But this was the reason why it had been chosen. The uniqueness of each artist would be displayed by what item he or she chose. How exciting!


I will admit I had a hard time getting inspired by the photo. I even stared blankly at it, letting my eyes glaze over. I was so hoping something would pop out like those 3-D photos, but nothing did. Though, after about a week of boredom of staring at this photo, something did happen. I started to envision a story about a better use for that old wagon.   


After days of perspective drafting, sketching people and cats, “Two Men and a Wagon” emerged. This is my Creative Artists 2014 “Repeat, Repeat, Repeat Again” entry.
“Two Men and a Wagon”
“Two Men and a Wagon” manifests a simpler, yet strenuous, way of life long past.
Amid the hustle and bustle, two men work together to load the cargo on a wagon.
Standing on guard, cats view the wagon as part of their domain.
And the wagon itself,
part of the 2014 “Repeat, Repeat, Repeat Again” I chose for my inspiration,
is a most valuable asset.