2015 Dry Creek Art Fest Artist Roster

by Kathleen Huebener in Art Inspires Art

This year’s 2015 Dry Creek Art Fest Artist Roster includes:  

Loom N Essence by Sharon Poplawski

Sharon weaves and spins forming her old-world functional fiber art.

Her studio “Loom N Essence” is a full service fiber arts studio

that offers of spinning and weaving equipment for fiber artists.

Come to be enthralled with all the fiber products! 


 Handmade Brooms by Jeanne Dudley

in from Quasqueton, Iowa, Jeanne, with a MA in fiber arts,

creates beautiful woven baskets and unique hand-tied brooms

used for both decorative and functional purposes.

Baskets and brooms are necessities in the path of life!  


 Transcend Art by Nate and Kristen Wyckoff

From Marion, Iowa this duo is famous for shimmering jewelry,

unique platters made from wine bottles,

and other vibrant outstanding glass works,

glass ware fit for any occasion! 

Nate and Kristen Wyckoff 


Jeanne’s Soaps by Jeanne White 

Jeanne hand-makes castile soaps made with oils of olive, soy palm,

kernel palm, castor, and rice bran. Her line of all-natural ingredients

is enhanced with essential and skin-safe fragrance oils,

such as aloe, lavender, anise, and more.


 Life’s Little Treasures by Jeane Eagle

Jewelry by Jeane is just pure fun for those seeking bling

for themselves or bling for a dear loved one .

With the gift-giving season almost here… Everyone likes bling! 

Check out Jeane Eagle’s booth! 


Woodturning Art by David Kesler 

Although famous for his Kesler Heirloom Pens,

David also creates a variety of keepsakes, bowls, paperweights, and more,

using native or reclaimed wood in his woodturning.

Feel the smooth touch of wood that has been expertly turned. 


 LeMo Ironworks by Tim Forinash

Looking for absolutely fun metal yard art?

Tim uses found items: horseshoes, doorknobs, railroad spikes, tools, disc harrows,

and any metal he can find to make one’s yard and garden unique!

Displaying Tim’s art is like putting a smile in your yard!

Tim Forinash 


 Front Porch by Marsha Fairbanks

Photography by Marsha Fairbanks captures the life fragrance

found in landscapes, wildlife, flora, and fauna.

Check out her snapshots that truly warm one’s heart and soul,

both dramatic and thought-provoking at the same time. 

Marsha Fairbanks 


Hand Thrown Raku and Stoneware by Karen Sands 

only does Karen, as Director of the Dry Creek Art Fest, promote art,

she also creates amazing hand thrown raku and stoneware.

Her vases and unique dinnerware have definite dramatic impact.

Be sure to ask about the process of Raku – it’s fascinating! 

Karen Sands 


 Carved Gourds & Wood Carvings by Sherri Wilcox and Jody Warren 

Combining their talents from Cedar Valley Woodcarvers and Iowa Gourd Society,
Sherri and Jody have brought some perfect pieces for this year’s art fest.
Now is the time to choose a centerpiece for a dynamic fall display 
and their exquisitely carved gourds are perfect for this spotlight! 

 Watercolor Paintings by Joan Cimaglia and Noma Lucas

Back by popular demand, watercolorists Joan and Noma

show the fluidity, the freedom, and the fun of watercolors in their artwork.

Framed and unframed paintings in various sizes and cards are available.

And, don’t forget to check out Noma’s famous “Mini” paintings

 (3”X 3” gallery wrapped canvas & 5”X 3” WC boards)



Come Visit the 2015 Dry Creek Art Fest!

Saturday Sept. 12 and Sunday Sept. 13  

Hours: noon to 6 P.M. 

The Art Fest is easy to find at 2310 Robins Road, Hiawatha, Iowa,
located on the pastoral Sands Farmstead.  

     Mini painting (3″ X 5″ on watercolor board) by Noma Lucas 


Such Beauty awaits you!