Why I love Impressionism!

by Kathleen Huebener in Art Inspires Art

Impressionism is the pure essence of reality, a giant bubble of happiness. 

And why shouldn’t it be? Rendered with loose brushstrokes of glowing colors, the love of color in Impressionism is High Key. That classy term means colors placed together that are light in value.


Copyrighted Artwork “Merrill Gardens, Marion, Iowa” by
Kathleen Huebener
What is interesting in an Impressionistic painting is that when close-up, the similar colors of same values shimmer. Since Impressionism involves optical mixture only (no mixing of colors but instead using dashes of color juxtaposed), the interplay between light and color vibrates with sparkle, glow, and emphasis!  However, when an Impressionistic painting is viewed from a distance, its different colors almost appear as one color. 

Impressionism: light projected by dabs of paint.

Twisting and turning, the brush creates loose textures, encouraging the viewer’s eye to move over the artwork and taste this visual feast, a lovely visual sensation of happiness. This dynamic hum created by the luminosity of the consciousness of what is being seen is why I love Impressionism!