Don Andrews Uplifting Quote

by Kathleen Huebener in Quote for the Day



“If you want to be depressed, turn on your television

or read the newspaper.

If you want to be uplifted, turn to art.”      

                                                                                 Don Andrews


No kidding on getting depressed watching the news on TV or reading the newspaper! It is easy to get depressed!  Being a God-fearing Christian woman who believes in the power of God’s Word, I must say that the Bible is my first choice to run to if one’s spirits need uplifting! However, this quote is articulating about an interesting art sense, that is, the mysterious way paintings can convey exactly what a person needs.


In the painting, “One Dark and Rainy Night A Stranger”, a person under an umbrella walks on a dark rainy dreary night. Buffeted by rain and wind, the person strides to the entrance of the brightly lit shelter from the storm. This artwork is saying that no matter what is happening around you, there is always hope for better things just ahead. Hang in there!



To wrap it up: