Peace During American Politics

by Kathleen Huebener in Miscellaneous

Media polls, party polls, opinions, debates, infinite calls for political donations, negative ads – through this, how can anyone remain calm and collective? God says in such times as these not to worry but to look up to Him. Everything will go according to His plan. It is calming to know that God is in charge, even in that which concerns us.


The Bible
says that God chooses the leaders in Daniel 2: 20-22.


Does that mean in politics that we stand by and do nothing? No. Working hard for the common good, staying true to our Christian values, and doing the best we can fulfills our duty to God and our country. However, when we have done all we could possibly do, we wait for God. God is in control. Trusting God, because God does have a plan, no matter what happens, brings real peace.