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Daniel 12:4 Knowledge Shall Increase

      What an amazing information age we live in! We have easy access to any knowledge we need – instantly! All we have to do is “Google it.” Need to know how to work on your car? Google it. How does one cook quinoa? Google it! Have health issues? Google it.    This… read more

Isaiah 55: The Trees of the Field Shall Clap Their Hands

  What does that scripture mean, “Trees of the field shall clap their hands”? Envision a time of great joy and celebration. You are standing in a bountiful field of grain surrounded with fruit trees heavy with harvest. You feel so blest that you shout with joy! The trees of the field are just a… read more

Support System

How was it when you were growing up? Did you have someone who believed in you and expected the best from you? Did you have someone who encouraged you to follow your dream? Was there someone in your life who informed you that without a shadow of a doubt, you could accomplish whatever you set… read more

The Wilderness March

He was better to me than all my hopes;    He was better than all my fears; He made a bridge of my broken works,    And a rainbow of my tears. The stormy waves that marked my ocean path,    Did carry my Lord on their crest; When I dwell on the days of… read more

Road of Success in Acrylic Paintings

Road of Success in Acrylic Paintings is like when one keeps notes & photos when journaling the chronology of one’s life. Like a journal, it involves personal statements, a series of steps, growth, failures, and victories.   Road of Success in Acrylic Paintings’ uniqueness is that one exhibits one’s progress openly on the wall, shelves,… read more