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Elizabeth Barrett Browning Quote

“Light tomorrow with today!” Elizabeth Barrett Browning   How does one take this quote artistically? Perhaps, for artists, we light up our tomorrow by being active in our art today. The benefits of daily being active include all facets of art: happiness, discovery, maturity, and even financially. All I know is that it is pure… read more

Sister Mary Lauretta Quote

“To be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with your work.”                                                                       Sister Mary Lauretta   I… read more

Robert Henri Quote

    “Great works of art should look as though they were made in joy. Real joy is a tremendous activity. “ Robert Henri   Spontaneous combustion is what I call pure joy of painting! Spontaneous combustion is the process of catching fire through heat generated by internal chemical action. If that isn’t the joy… read more

Robert E. Wood Quote

  “The best color in my paintings is found.”                                                                            Robert E. Wood   Nowadays there has been much… read more

Quote by Pat Dews

“When I am painting, I get lost in the world I am creating and life is good.”                                                                             … read more

Quote from Elizabeth Gilbert

“Creative living is driven more strongly by curiosity than fear.”   I underlined the ”more strongly” because in any artist’s life, fear rears its ugly head oft far too often. However, curiosity is the real driving force behind any artist. The questions, “What if I do this?” Or “What happy surprises would I discover if… read more

Wynetka Ann Reynolds Quote

“Anyone who says you can’t see a thought doesn’t know art.”                                                                                          Wynetka… read more

Don Andrews Quote

  “Painting isn’t based on reporting reality so much as expressing opinions about it.”                                                 Don Andrews   This quote expresses and supports exactly what I was thinking when I painted an artwork… read more

Claude Monet Second Quote

  “I would like to paint as a bird sings.”                                      Claude Monet     How can this be, “to paint as a bird sings?”     –    Take joy in the moment. –         Be expressive! –         Appreciate the simple ways of life. –         Paint with a song of gladness in your heart. –         Sense the goodness… read more

Vincent Van Gogh Nature Quote

“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.”                                                          Vincent Van Gogh   Nature’s beauty exudes the similitude of a rich cantata. Ripples appear in the water as the waterfowl swim past. Rhythm by the long willow branches bobs in and out of the water gentle orchestrated by the wind. Water lilies herald… read more