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Re-train That Brain

  Many have asked me what methods I am using to re-train my brain to paint depth aptly. Remember that movie about Helen Keller, the famous American author and lecturer, who was deaf and blind? In the movie, there is a famous scene where Helen’s teacher Anne Sullivan and Helen are wrestling at the water… read more

House Portraits by Jean Parry

  A dear fellow Creative Artist, Jean Parry, 90 years old, passed away June 29, 2011. Known as the “House Portrait Painter”, Jean specialized in painting and drawing houses and buildings on commission since 1984. She loved to travel and inspired many by her memorable scenes she painted in watercolors from her travels around the… read more

You Can Do Anything But…

  Regarding the choosing of art subjects, a good Artist Jack White quote is, “You can do anything you want to in life, you just cannot do everything you want to do.”   This quote goes along with one of Jack White’s fabulous soul-reaching stories. The tale has to do with an artist by the name of… read more

Road Construction, Detours, and Dust, oh my!

Today my day was a day of running errands, road construction, and detours, oh, and dust. I say, plenty of dust. Although summer has returned with 96 degrees and “the livin’ is easy”, errands take more time to accomplish.   Waiting is the norm when one-lane roads exist with flagmen (or flag women) directing traffic.… read more