Economical Good Ventilation System

by Kathleen Huebener in Painting Tips


I discovered another interesting and useful tidbit about varnishing, something my artist friends will appreciate.  I was having a dilemma finding a place to varnish with a good ventilation system, since it is impossible to varnish outside in the winter.  Then it came to me. I do have a room with an exhaust fan- yes, the bathroom! I set up small table in the bathtub, turned on the fan, and varnished. My family assured me that there were no fumes in the hallway.
Although for this experiment with the drying times compiled into a lengthy duration, I had some groans from my family. They breathed a sigh of relief and fresh air when it was over. For normal varnishing it wouldn’t take long for one painting. I would recommend spreading the different coats over a number of days. This way every one is happy.

Next blog to be posted will include more things I learned from Winslow Homer. This man was a genius!