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Preparing for Your Finest Works

The old Benjamin Franklin adage “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail,” pertains also to creating artwork. As an artist, I have found that there is great value in preparation. Before anything else, preparation begins with drawing. For many famous artists, such as Peter Paul Rubens, drawing was mandatory for creating masterpieces.      … read more


Glazing: the successive transparent or translucent layers superimposed on the support. Each layer of paint applied over another layer, not only modifies its color, but also creates jewel-like brilliance. The light is reflected back to the viewer’s eye, imparting a special depth and luminosity.     An artist friend, Julia Kulish was the Showcase Artist this… read more

Transparent, Translucent, Opaque

An important characteristic of each pigment is whether it is translucent, transparent, or opaque. Knowing this characteristic for each pigment used is crucial for the serious artist to achieve the results desired. Some tubes of paint have this information printed on the tube itself. For pigments that are lacking this information, an easy test can… read more

Setting Up A Series

  Setting up a series of paintings, particularly made up of textured images, is as exciting as painting it. The set-up usually depends on one of two things: one’s mood and size of the wall space. If one has a wall space definitely lacking in personality, try selecting a series that you can play with… read more

Be Bold I am told.

  Continuing in my depth studies, I am working on a painting of rods, most of which are colored pencils. Here is a portion of my painting.        So far, it is a light value painting. However, to improve it, I get out my trusty red filter  to get another perspective of the… read more

Color Review

  With all the information flowing through the artist brain, serious painters from time to time take time to review their art notes. The reason for this is that the complete process of creating art requires the best we have. Today I have chosen to view a few of my color notes. Perhaps it will… read more

Fun With Sponge

  Sometimes artists just have to let themselves go and just have fun. Today is this day! Let us grab the textured sponge roll and have a blast. What is wonderful about this textured sponge roll is that the core is not cardboard, as in olden times. This roll has a plastic core, which enables… read more

Un-clutter That Mess!

  It has been a glorious past few weeks, as I have been painting in series. In the last three series of paintings, I used the same color scheme. Subsequently there was no need to clean my palette. I used the same brushes, same paints, same rags, and same space, since they were all the… read more

Gaga on Reflections

  Capturing reflections on one’s artwork has always fascinated me. Whether the reflections are on a pond, on a river, or even in a puddle, the truth is water reflections inadvertently draw viewers to one’s artwork. Angles and lengths of reflections are trouble spots for some artists. Because the laws of physics govern reflections, one… read more

Explore and Discover

  The small world of Flat Flat Flat had been my world for the last three years. I had been totally blind in one eye and the sight in the other was fleeting fast. After my surgery, (I now can see and praise God for this blessing every moment!) I have discovered that I need… read more