Tom Lynch WC Canvas Guru

by Kathleen Huebener in Painting Tips


Tom Lynch is well known and an excellent demonstrator of art techniques on watercolor canvas board. However, after participating in his workshops, I left with these deeper maxims. Whether one is a realist or an abstract painter, watercolorist or an oil painter, these maxims concerning the way artists portray images would apply.

 First and most important, Tom encourages painters to think like an artist!  Make your artwork not perfect reality or merely an illustration of a photo.
It is, basically, the realistic images versus artistic images of your artwork.
It is important to get that “Feeling” of a piece rather than the “look of reality” of the piece. Include or exclude images on your artwork to achieve this feeling.
To begin, there are a few steps:

                         BREATHE! Let go of your expectations! Relax!

 Get rid of your expectations also eliminates the intense stress and pressure.

 Do not let the blank white canvas put a stopper in your creativity.

        ( Remember – Art is supposed to be FUN!)

 Do not analyze!

Give yourself permission to be free and just paint!

 Exaggerate your artwork

  • enhance those colors
  • exaggerate contours
  • use more variety
  • use more colors. 

                                                    Use Looser Strokes.

                Fellow artists, go for it. Capture the UNREAL and not a photo copy.
 Moreover, always remember that YOU are a VISUAL ENTERTAINER!