by Kathleen Huebener in Painting Tips

Indulgence…what does that mean to an artist?

Many times non-artists envelop artists with the erroneous thought that successful artists are only those who sell zillions of paintings. What occurs is that artists are stifled and made to feel guilty when indulging on a painting that we do actually for ourselves. Non-artists feel it is a definite waste of our time and materials and tell us so! Well, I say to these non-artists,
“GET OVER IT! Leave me alone! I am creating and I am happy!“
Now, this IS indulgence for artists! Take, for example, my studio.


In my studio, artwork (both my own and other artists), art words of wisdom, and color wheels surround me as I paint. However, on one wall, I wanted to paint an art piece that would remind me to work hard and to persevere. It will not be for sale and only a few will ever see it hanging in my studio. I wanted to paint it for me. I have already shown a portion of this piece in Metamorphosis
I was down to the last detail of trying to make the cord (unseen in Metamorphosis)
look more connected to the abstract means of communication.

I added a wash of Atelier Black to the areas.

You might panic at the intensity of the black, but have no fear.
With these Atelier paint washes it is easy to manipulate the paint
or wipe the whole wash off if desired.
I simply used a wet brush to change the effect. I LOVE this paint!

Then I proceeded to the left side of the cord and moved the paint to where I wanted it.

Once an artist can get over the fear of messing up, the sky’s the limit.
Think of the power you as an artist will find welling up inside you, when that fear is gone!

Here is my completed painting.

The title is “Opportunity calling! It’s for YOU!”

This painting reminds me that Opportunity is calling.

It is calling both you and me.

 With hard work, perseverance, and pleasing ourselves by creating our artwork,

we ARE successful artists!

Paint your hearts out, Fellow Artists, and have FUN!