Iowa Artists 2014 State Art Show

by Kathleen Huebener in Art Inspires Art
 The Iowa Artists 2014 State Show was held Saturday, May 3 at KTOS (Kirkwood Training and Outreach Services) in Marion, Iowa. The Judge and Presenter was Richard Dutton. It was a great day meeting artists from around the state of Iowa. Every art piece exhibited was interesting and inspiring, being a First Place Winner in its region.

A large majority of this year’s art pieces were pastels, so the majority of the placement ribbons given were for pastels. The Judge stated he had criteria when he was judging; he wanted “loose” paintings resembling abstracts. While my realistic artwork received great reviews, no placement ribbons were given to them. I would hate to be a judge at these events because of the diversity of mediums and the high quality of artistry. As my artist friend Noma Lucas said, all the artwork exhibited here were First Place Winners already.

 I am pleased to announce that my artist friend Dell Magnuson-Secor’s artwork ”Shattered Glass”, a fabulous pastel abstract was one of the First Place Winners.

You can get a better view of Dell’s artwork on her web site

The benefits of going to the Iowa Artists State Show are phenomenal. Speaking to the artists about their artwork is a great learning tool. I learned that many of the show’s pastel artists started with a black background. The lights seem to “pop” right off the ground / support material. Another benefit is seeing old art friends one has met through past shows and, of course, creating new friends. There’s nothing better than talking with fellow artists about techniques, new media, and, in fact, anything about art. It is so much fun!

I must give kudos to State Show Chair Bob Peterson. Everything went perfectly due to his thorough planning. He designed the State Show brochure complete with every region mentioned (complete with counties represented in the region). Under each region, was printed its first place winners and the names of the winning art pieces. I believe this was a first in any Iowa Artists brochure.

Here Creative Artists President Donna Jelmeland and I are surrounded by some of the fantastic artwork. I want to put this plug in for CA. Creative Artists gives opportunities for local artists to exhibit and to sell their artwork. If you are local, check it out.

But back to Iowa Artists: if you ever get a chance to attend either a regional or state show by Iowa Artists, go! And don’t be shy for pity’s sake. Talk to the artists. Make new friends, talk shop, and surround yourself with art. Believe me, it’s a real treat!