Crowing Time

by Kathleen Huebener in Painting Tips

There comes a time when an artist has to do some crowing. Well, I feel like crowing! I am ecstatic to have found a framing company with good products and good prices. That is a great blessing in itself; however, that is not what I feel like crowing about.

Do you know that feeling an artist gets when she/he ponders what kind of frame goes with an artwork? It is an important decision, which could make or break the success of a painting. There are many variables: pricing, color, type, material of frame. Fellow artists, I have found an intellect with a talent for choosing the right frame for any painting. This intellect is Robert Fox, owner of Modern Gallery in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Robert Fox has “the eye” to see the possibilities of what will work. His framing company and gallery have quite a selection of frames, mats, etc for all media. The gallery is complete with such a wide array of frame samples; Robert knows exactly where to find the perfect one. How can he know which one is the right one, let alone where it is located? I am aghast. He just has this special knowledge.

Now Robert is discreet on suggesting any frames. After asking the artist what he/she was looking for in a frame, he simply places an assortment of frame samples around the painting. Robert said that he had to remember to give the customer many frame samples to choose from when they were deciding. He did not want them to think he had only one frame to offer. However, the one he would pick for the frame was the one they usually picked, although he did not tell them this at the time.

I consider it a great gift to be able to see what frame enhances the painting, a frame that makes the painting pop. This popping is extremely important for abstract artists. This is why I am crowing today. I found a frame genius, Robert Fox, owner of Modern Gallery in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.