“Free as a Lark” Painting

by Kathleen Huebener in Painting Tips

Today I am free to paint all day! I look forward to these complete days of painting! When I paint, I usually start out with a composition in mind. This morning I decided to use the Checker Board composition, which I call the “H Checkerboard.” The opposite corners match in value, color, or pattern.  For an example, here is the basic composition.

To set up, a few days ago I covered a stretched canvas with gesso and paid attention to leaving visible swirls and brush strokes of gesso for textures. With the gesso dried, I can begin. This morning I covered the canvas with a wash mixture of Atelier: French Ultramarine Blue, Dioxazine Purple, and a touch of Burnt Sienna, using a two-inch Bob Ross oil brush with fluffy bristles.

  Much to my satisfaction, when influenced by the underlining gesso strokes, these bristles created the most interesting patterns and bubbles, as seen below in macro mode.

 My creativity juices are conjuring up many intriguing images incorporating these patterns and bubbles into my artwork. A current or flow is being created within the composition already and I am just starting out. Wow! I have no idea where this may lead me, but just taking this journey is most thrilling. (One important note: if this painting does not turn out, the learning experience is worth it! Do not let the pressure of creating a winner every single time you paint do you in, so to speak. Please enjoy the journey.)

On my palette, I have added Atelier : Arylamide Yellow Light, Transparent Perinone Orange, Arylamide Yellow Deep, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, and also Liquitex Burnt Umber. Using alternating strokes of these colors, I paint the upper left corner of the canvas.

Because the Atelier paints react as watercolors, the brush lifts paint easily with heavy pressure on the brush, as seen below. Otherwise, with regular or light pressure, the paint glides over the canvas as any acrylic paints do, as seen below.

Below is as far as I got this morning. Do not judge the painting by its looks right now. With Interactive Atelier paints, I will lift off what colors that do not work or do not conform to my composition form. I know I have to add more colors, but this is a start.

The interesting fact is that the painting is evolving into its own enmity. As any artist can relate, it is as if the painting itself tells the artist what needs to be done. It definitely is a fascinating life, the life of an artist.

Tip of the Day: fellow artists, free your creativity by abandoning all rhyme and reason and start covering that white canvas, paper, or whatever, with paint.

Use the talent the Creator has placed inside you and enjoy the journey!