Setting Up A Series

by Kathleen Huebener in Painting Tips


Setting up a series of paintings, particularly made up of textured images, is as exciting as painting it. The set-up usually depends on one of two things: one’s mood and size of the wall space. If one has a wall space definitely lacking in personality, try selecting a series that you can play with on the wall. For an example, I am using my “Tiger” series.

To spruce up a smaller space that needs accent,
one could take three of the panels and set them up like this
or in any way you choose:

On the other hand, you could try using all four in a different configuration.


Using my “Sand Weaving” series to enhance a longer wall,

I arranged the panels in a lotus fashion,
The outside darker panels representing leaves,
and the inside brighter panels, the blossom:

A close-up of the right portion shows the blossom and the leaf.

Then I rearranged the whole set-up and found a Ying Yang effect.

I am thinking of calling it “His and Hers”
with his ying yang on the left and her ying yang on the right.
Alternatively, if one is in a contrary mood, hers is on the left, and his is on the right.

A close-up of the ying and yang.

To keep the repositioning easy, I use metal frames from American Frames,
which have easy-to-transfer-from-side-to-side metal hangers.
It only takes a minute or two to transfer the hangers
 from a vertical pose to a horizontal pose.
One could also use wood frames,
but would need to place hangers on all four sides.

Whatever frame one uses, rearranging a series of textures is as much fun
as painting the actual series. Resembling artist playtime,
it is taking our artwork to another level of expression.

Have fun today and try painting a series.
Since any artwork of ours is the industry of our heart,
setting up a completed series is just another way to enjoy it even more.