Karen Sands : Part 1 Paintings

by Kathleen Huebener in Art Inspires Art

Karen Sands is the epitome of a “fine arts” artist. She emits creativity emulating from passion deep in her soul into exquisite pieces of art, whether it is in paintings or pottery, or directly with nature surrounding her home and studio. Karen thinks and breathes art, while actively striving to procreate her best artwork possible. She also promotes fine art in the Dry Creek Art Fest located on the pastoral Sands farmstead in Hiawatha, Iowa.


In the following weeks, I have the honor of presenting
Karen Sands’ artwork in “Art Inspires Art.”


  • Karen’s Part 1 Paintings includes this introduction and six paintings.
  • Karen’s Part 2 Pottery will include seven collections of pottery.
As you view her artwork, I think you will agree with me that Karen Sands
excels in both painting and pottery, and is one of Iowa’s finest artists.
Featured Artist: Karen Sands
Calico Cat
Snow Deer
Melting Pots
James Holy Eagle

Be sure to view “Karen’s Part 2: Pottery” next Friday.

The beauty of clay that Karen is able to bring forth will astound your visual senses! 
Karen Sands

Creativity feeds my soul.

It’s when I’m most content.

 Pottery, painting, and gardening are some of the ways I enjoy living.

To make something from a lump of clay, start growing from a seed, or put strokes of paint on a blank surface and have it become something to enjoy is very exciting

It is a never-ending learning process.

There is nothing better than to be happily surprised by the coming together of your efforts
nd the unexpected effects of the process!