Tamara Jensen Part 1 Drama

by Kathleen Huebener in Art Inspires Art
Once in a blue moon, one might find a person intertwined with their art. To find a married couple so inclined is a real treat; I have found such an artsy couple in Tamara and Brian Jensen. They support and encourage each other, which in today’s world is sadly becoming a rarity. Both are accomplished artists whose works stand out from among the rest. For this reason, Tamara and Brian Jensen are the next “Art Inspires Art” featured guests.
Since etiquette says that women go first, Tamara will be featured first
(though I am positive that Brian would insist on this anyway).

In the following weeks, I have the honor of presenting a few of
Tamara Jensen’s artwork in “Art Inspires Art.”

  • Tamara’s Artwork Part 1 includes this introduction and seven dramatic paintings.
  • Tamara’s Artwork Part 2 will feature seven ethereal paintings.
  • Tamara’s Artwork Part 3 paintings will be a surprise.

On the outside, Tamara Jensen appears meek and mild, but to those of us who know her, her artwork truly demonstrates just who Tamara really is. Tamara paints what I call mood paintings; some are ethereal light calming paintings, others are dynamic with erupting passion as the art within Tamara explodes to be free. Tamara’s following paintings emit such strong passion, that one can almost hear the seas roar.


Featured Artist: Tamara Jensen

British Columbia

  Verdi Mist


C 4

Storm At Sea

  The Coming Ice Age

Be sure to view “Tamara’s Artwork Part 2” next Friday.

Next week’s artwork is in the ethereal realm; calm-producing aura for the viewer.
Tamara Jensen 

Being creative can be achieved through many paths.

As an artist, my exploration of painting techniques, different media,
and the study of other artist’s methods will provide a lifetime’s pursuit of knowledge.

 After the methods are studied and techniques practiced, I believe that an artist needs to communicate their individuality, a personal viewpoint, or feeling. If that resonates within the viewer and creates a connection to the piece of art, then I have succeeded as an artist.

I currently work in traditional watercolor on paper because it is a spontaneous medium
which allows me to freely express my art, however, I continually explore other media
as it is important to me to maximize ideas and possibilities.
Being a part of the Iowa Watercolor Society, Iowa Artists,
and Creative Artists organizations has taught me self-expression is the point,
creativity is the process and my paintings are the product,
and so, I paint, and paint,
and then I paint again.

I hope you enjoy my work.

Tamara is a graduate of Iowa State University where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art Education. She taught for two years enjoying the creativity of her students
while imparting an appreciation of the satisfaction art brings to every day life.
Tamara is a member of the Iowa Watercolor Society, Iowa Artists,
and Creative Artists organizations.