Diane Rattner: Catfucius Part 1

by Kathleen Huebener in Art Inspires Art
  Diane Rattner is an artist who loves cats, or is it that Diane Rattner is a cat lover who paints. I forget, since she has intertwined these both tightly in her life.
In Diane, you simply cannot have one without the other.
Diane has developed “Catfucius Creation,” her art business.
Cats are so wise, you know. Diane incorporates this wisdom in her artwork.
Besides being cat lovers, Diane and her husband Howie are happy people who investigate art niches wherever they go. Knowing all the “hot” places to view artwork in Chicago, Diane and Howie have been instrumental in raising the awareness of the magnificent art displays in the Chicago Art Institute, Chicago public buildings, and more.


In the following weeks, I have the honor of presenting a few of
Diane Rattner’s watercolor artwork in “Art Inspires Art.”


  • Diane’s Catfucius Part 1 includes this introduction and seven kitty paintings.
  • Diane’s Catfucius Part 2 will include six more kitty-lovin’ paintings plus two close-ups of Roxie and Romeo, Diane’s new kittens.

Diane Rattner’s philosophy in life:

Wise and intelligent are those

Who adore cats.


Catfucius Creation by Diane Rattner

Featured Artist: Diane Rattner

Arrogant Cat
Bunched Up
Purr Cat
Five Mournful Kitties
Day and Night
Wise Sleeping Cat
Sweet Red Flowers Cat
Diane’s Inspiration: Romeo and Roxie
Brother and Sister

Be sure to view “Diane’s Catfucius Part 2” next Friday.

Next week’s artwork will include more feline reflections on life.
Diane Rattner
Having retired from a career
as a medical social worker many years ago,
Diane enjoys retirement and spending these lovely times
with her husband, Howie, of 52 years plus.
From having a life time interest in felines
and having had multiple cats as pets,
Catfucius has evolved into a character who voices
the philosophy and wisdom of the feline species.
As Catfucius so wisely comments:
“Those who adore cats are most wise and intelligent.”