Opportunity calling…It’s for you!

by Kathleen Huebener in Miscellaneous
So you think you are over the hill. You feel your time to follow your dream has been way past the “It’s too late!” mark for years. You feel inadequate to do anything about it. True, your years have been productive and you have done a good job. Perhaps you have spent your entire life taking care of others and making the world a better place. Meanwhile you have had this dream in your heart but were unable to pursue it. Circumstances are changing in your life and a chance to accomplish what you always dreamed of is now here.
Opportunity is calling! It’s for you!

Think. Those dreams you once had are still there on the back burner. They just need a little dusting off and some tender nurturing care. They will spring back to life. Fears may permeate your thoughts, saying, “You’re too old! You don’t have the stamina! You’re too stupid to do this! The time for dreams is past!” Don’t listen to these thoughts! 


The truth is there is only one person who can tell you that it is over, and that person is YOU! Do you still feel excitement when you think of your dream? If yes, then go for it! Besides, you will never know what you can accomplish unless you try.


Be gutsy; pick up that phone call from Opportunity and answer.
Do what you always dreamed of doing.
Imagine you following your dream
and make it a reality!