Show Time!

by Kathleen Huebener in Quote for the Day

You’ve been through years of preparation and hard work trying to attain a certain goal. It hasn’t been easy. Through it all, the years have been laden with responsibilities and other heavy burdens to bear. You’ve been steadily working towards the prize located at the end of the tunnel. This fulfillment of your dream is within reach. As you go around the bend, you suddenly find yourself in the spotlight facing an open door.


Are you ready? You could retreat back into that cavern of darkness from whence you have just come. The familiarity of the hectic pace and manifold burdens tries to lure you back by a false sense of safety. However, to retreat would reveal passive faith in yourself and your dream. Grasping that you’ve worked too hard to turn back at this stage of the game, you take courage and go on.


This trophy of art celebrates the arrival at your desired goal and your steadfastness in proceeding forward. It acknowledges the active faith and courage needed to follow one’s dream and beyond.