Road of Success in Acrylic Paintings

by Kathleen Huebener in Inspiration

Road of Success in Acrylic Paintings is like when one keeps notes & photos when journaling the chronology of one’s life. Like a journal, it involves personal statements, a series of steps, growth, failures, and victories.


Road of Success in Acrylic Paintings’ uniqueness is that one exhibits one’s progress openly on the wall, shelves, or a desk. Whether the artwork is displayed for one’s own satisfaction or for the entire world to see is immaterial. The artwork displayed simply states the truth of what has happened.


Strangely enough, the artwork also contains a message of hope for the future, because what remains is the realization “If I made it through that, I can get through this too.” Displaying Road of Success in Acrylic Paintings artwork is an extremely powerful “thinking tool” that releases infinite capabilities. There is great joy in savoring one’s victories; each remembrance of success creates a stronger sense of triumph and freedom.