Creative Artists Lowe Exhibition

by Kathleen Huebener in Art Inspires Art

The Creative Artist Reception to be held last Thursday at the Lowe Art and Environmental Center was postponed due to a blizzard. Art receptions are so much fun! Rubbing elbows with other artists amidst the gallery atmosphere sated with stimulating art topics: techniques, messages conveyed, visual impact, everything artsy is worth the time and effort.


For you artists, art lovers, friends, and family, who were planning on attending this reception, a sneak peek just might fill the void right now, until you can visit the gallery yourself and view each artwork individually. There were two large group meetings going on at the Lowe the same time I was taking photos, so I was only able to take an overview of some of the artwork. Let us just say, however, all the artwork is fantastic! It would be worth a visit to see the artwork at the Lowe Gallery.   Enjoy!

From modern art abstracts to florals to pastoral scenes,

The Lowe Creative Artists Exhibition has it all.


Hope you can attend the Art Reception Thursday February 28, 2013.



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