In Memory of Janice K. Lucas

by Kathleen Huebener in Miscellaneous


A funeral was held a few days ago for two dear friends’ daughter, Janice K. Lucas. Janice was a person who embraced life. She had the pioneering spirit just like her precious parents, Noma and Wayne Lucas.


Janice was always ready to provide a helping hand whenever needed. More than once, being the President of Iowa Watercolor Society, I needed help! I had inherited 5 enormously large heavy wooden crates from the former president. These heavy crates belonged to the Iowa Watercolor Society and were thoroughly padded to insure the safety of fifty “framed with glass” art pieces. I needed to move the Traveling Show artwork from the Exhibition Hall to the Lowe Arts and Environmental Center in Marion. Janice came to my rescue and not only provided her truck for transport, but also helped load and unload the heavy crates. It took a team of 2-3 men and Janice to do the entire job. Janice was a lifesaver – mine!


But Janice was a lifesaver in another way too. Janice was an active member of Patriot Guard Riders, serving as State Secretary / Treasurer. She faithfully supported soldiers leaving for duty and greeted homecoming soldiers, thanking them for their service for serving our country. At times, she would travel great distances to honor them. At her funeral, a myriad number of veterans, both men and women, lined the parking lot to honor her; each holding a full sized American flag flapping in the wind. It was an impressive acknowledgement that Janice’s kindness and support meant so much to them.


In thankfulness, I remember Janice K. Lucas.

She did make a difference in so many lives.
She indeed made the world a better place.