Lowe Exhibit – Karen Moorhead

by Kathleen Huebener in Art Inspires Art

Sharing the limelight with me at the Lowe Exhibition is Karen Moorhead.

As a ceramic sculptor, Karen has created quite unique ceramic pieces and pottery. This is understandably so, because “I Love Detail…” is the theme of her work in the Lowe Gallery.  One can definitely see this love of detail in her creations.


About her background, Karen Moorhead writes:


I attended Drake University and earned a bachelor’s degree in Jewelry and Silversmithing.  Through my studies in metal, I developed an appreciation for well-constructed pieces and the beauty of detail. I worked for many years producing consignment pieces and selling my work at craft shows.


Eight years ago, I decided to try my hand at clay. I took a wheel throwing class and was immediately hooked. One class led to another and after retiring from teaching, I have worked with clay full time.


My metalsmithing background has definitely influenced my work in clay. I strive for well-proportioned pieces with clean lines. I thoroughly enjoy adding detail to my work. This might include an impressed design on the clay’s surface or a bit of added metal. I draw inspiration from natural forms and industrial shapes.


I have attended many workshops and clay conferences over the past 8 years learning new techniques and processes with each one. I currently work at the Ceramics Center in Cedar Rapids. I enjoy the facilities and the community at this studio. The resident artists are a wonderful source of knowledge and inspiration.


There is always something new to learn as you work with clay. The many techniques and the challenges they present make clay an exciting material with which to work and create.



Tune in tomorrow to view

more of Karen Moorhead’s works
being exhibited at the Lowe Gallery.