18"x18" Acrylic on wood

Not for sale

Description of Reemtsma Barn No. 7.2019.4 “Hinge”

In 1919, Joanne Hopson’s grandparents, Tido and Henrietta Reemtsma, bought a farm located in upper NW Iowa. Here in Lyon County, not far from the town of George, they grew corn and oats. In 1924, their family was blessed when their son Archie married Gretchen and together they moved to the Reemtsma Farm. In 1928, Archie and Gretchen built the Reemtsma barn. The Reemtsma Farm has been in the family for 100 years. To commemorate the 100th year anniversary of the Reemtsma Farm, Joanne Hopson commissioned four paintings of the Reemtsma Barn. The barn paintings were painted on various wood panels from the farm’s actual large wooden door.

The four paintings of the Reemtsma Barn have both common and individual features. All paintings use panels from the wooden door as canvas or ground. All paintings display remnants of the actual paint “Oxblood Red” used on the barn. All portray the same view of the barn. The individual features of the paintings were determined by the number of nails, nail holes, chucks of missing wood, past hinge markings, and the wood’s coloration due to weather. Consequently, each painting of the Reemtsma Barn has a unique character all its own.

I feel deeply honored to be a part of this historic anniversary by painting these four panels “Origin”, “Brownie”, “Nails”, and “Hinge” of “The Reemtsma Barn.”

Congratulations, Reemtsma Family, for 100 years of Reemtsma Farm life!