Karen Sands : Part 2 Pottery

by Kathleen Huebener in Art Inspires Art


Featured Artist: Karen Sands

  Pottery #9811-1
Pottery #9811-2
Pottery #9811-3
Pottery #9811-4
Pottery #9811-5
Pottery #9811-6
  Bowls #9811-7
Karen Sands is truly an artist alive and growing, not only in knowledge and in skill,
but also in courage it takes for one following the dream of producing fine artwork.
As plainly seen by her art, Karen is amply able to express the beauty she sees
in the clay and in her surroundings. Expect to see more of Karen Sands in the future.
I predict this artist is going places with her art and will be successful in all she does!

To view more of Karen Sands’ artwork, visit the Dry Creek Art Fest

this weekend Sept 10 and Sept 11, 2011 from noon to 6 pm

2310 Robins Road, Hiawatha, Iowa,

The ambiance of peace and beauty awaits you.
Karen Sands

Creativity feeds my soul.

It’s when I’m most content.

 Pottery, painting, and gardening are some of the ways I enjoy living.

To make something from a lump of clay, start growing from a seed,
or put strokes of paint on a blank surface
and have it become something to enjoy is very exciting.

 It is a never-ending learning process.

There is nothing better than to be happily surprised

by the coming together of your efforts

and the unexpected effects of the process!