Noma Lucas: Part 2

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Noma Lucas

A three-year correspondence course was the beginning of my passion for art.

Having completed the course, it would be about 20 years before I could
actually put it to good use. Having a family to raise I put painting on “hold”.
Now I am thrilled to create at every opportunity.

Other than the correspondence course, I have had wonderful opportunities to participate in workshops with some of the best artists. I work with watercolor mostly, but also pastel, oils and acrylics. I have been teaching classes for over 20 years and the groups include people using all mediums as well. My most important goal is to encourage others to learn and to enjoy their artwork.

Presently, besides my teaching, I am a member of Iowa Artists, local Creative Artists and am a signature member of Iowa Watercolor Society. I have served in various capacities with each group on committees and/or boards. Also was a member of the board when there was an annual competition in West Branch, Iowa, known as The Presidents Best.

It is an honor and special privilege to be associated with many fine artists in our area.

I do not specialize, but love to paint various subjects – I find that by doing that I can expand my abilities in drawing and creating. I thoroughly enjoy experimenting with paint, so may do an abstract with no, or limited drawing – or perhaps a subject that requires a detailed drawing before painting.

My two terms as a member on the Marion Arts Council enabled me to be more aware of events in our community and in fact, was part of the planning group. I believe everything we do in life can somehow help connect us the world of art if we let it.

An important part of my life is continued learning
and expressing my love of art.
Having been given the gift –
I am happy to be sharing it in many ways.