“But Wait! There’s More! “

by Kathleen Huebener in Works in Progress
The 2011 Marion Arts Festival was another extravaganza hit in Marion’s art history. What fun it was! With 50 top-notch artists, art demonstrations, empty bowl fundraiser, 5 K run and walk, plenty of hands-on activities, and of course, good food all located in the city’s square, the surrounding atmosphere was engulfed with excitement! One could get depressed thinking that this excitement is all over. But Wait! There’s More!
The “Art by Your Friends and Neighbors” 2011 Art Show is still going strong! The Grand Opening for this art show in the Marion Heritage Center was the day of the art festival. The good news is that, even though this year’s Marion Arts Festival is over, “Art by Your Friends and Neighbors” 2011 Art Show is not over yet and runs to July 30!
There are 44 excellent pieces of artwork being exhibited at the Marion Heritage Center. Watercolor artists are well represented by Joan Cimaglia, Dick Grodt, Helen Hunter, Tamara Jensen, Noma Lucas, Diane Rattner, Suzanne Schmidt, and Pat Sharp. Their watercolor artworks are well diversified with florals, landscapes, abstracts, and more. One can sense why many of these paintings are award winners.
Carol Wild, famous for her sculptures, has two Sculpey Clay pieces being exhibited. Jay Kacena has an interesting colored pencil cubism eye-catcher that seems to pop right out of the glass and frame. Pastel artists Joan Chadima, Dell Magnuson-Secor, and Jean Murray have outstanding pieces, ranging from landscapes, florals, to portraits.  I also am honored to have two acrylic paintings in this popular art show. Just for your information, the artists mentioned above are all members of Creative Artists, a highly talented and a fun art-lovin’ group.
However, there are also other mediums represented in the show: oils, photography, wood- carving, airbrush, collage, ballpoint pen, mixed media, soft ground print, cloth, ink, computer graphics, ceramics, and “found object assemblage.”
The center’s curator has said this was the best show the center has ever had! I will not remind the curator that this was said also of last year’s show. It probably will be said of next year’s show. The truth is that all the “Art by Your Friends and Neighbors” Art Shows have always been of the highest quality! Moreover, judging by the artwork that has been exhibited in the past and the artwork that is now being exhibited, the future for excellence is sure!
 I have concluded that we do not need to travel a great distance to view great art. We have wonderful art treasures right here at home. If you have time, go visit the Marion Heritage Center’s “Art by Your Friends and Neighbors” 2011 Art Show. It runs to July 30!
Take time to enjoy it.