Joan Cimaglia Part 2: Different Views

by Kathleen Huebener in Art Inspires Art
Featured Guest Artist: Joan Cimaglia
 A Different View
A Church
The Flower Bed
A Pair of Angels
Next Friday in “Art Inspires Art”
Joan Cimaglia Part 3: Florals
 With spring upon us, Joan’s flowers next week
will be appreciated by any person with or without a green thumb.

Joan Cimaglia

I have been intrigued with art since childhood.
Expressing myself through art is like searching for treasure.
There is that certain tie between subject and imagination that I find exciting and fulfilling. Exploring new methods and ideas often promotes wonderful results
and every now and then, I may end up with a real gem!
Joan Cimaglia, a native of Chicago, Illinois now calls Iowa her home.
She has studied with many
well-known artists and has been honored with awards for her works in watercolor and oils. She is a member of Iowa Artists and a signature member of Iowa Watercolor Society. Joan is currently holding the office of treasurer
in Creative Artists, a local organization in
Cedar Rapids, Iowa.