Word of Light

by Kathleen Huebener in Inspiration

Imagine getting up early one morning, you grab the daily newspaper. You sit down at the kitchen table with a hot cup of coffee. As you scan the front page, suddenly you are enveloped with words. The last two days these words were found on our newspaper’s front pages: fiscal cliff, sequester, homicide, rebels, civil war, death, drugs, synthetic drugs, anxiety, agitation, paranoia, violent behavior, depression, and addictions. I could add more, but you get the drift. Word for word, the media saturates our being, our space, with static tension. And as you drink your coffee, you are shrouded with an invisible dark cloud of eventual doom.

Trying to dispel this dark cloud, I desperately searched the front pages for any word of hope or any word of encouragement. Needless to say, there was none. The whole diatribe of the newspaper’s printed words would have been downright depressing, if I had not read other printed words prior to these in the newspaper; words so powerful that they gave me courage even in this darkness shroud.   

Isaiah 50:10

“Who is among you that fears the LORD,

that obeys the voice of His servant,

that walks in darkness, and hath no light?

Let him trust in the name of the LORD and stay upon his God.”


To stay upon our God means to remain faithful to Him and to persevere by keeping our eyes on Him no matter what. Trust God no matter what the media reports, no matter what the circumstances dictate. If we do this, we will discover that God can and will dispel any darkness with His light.
Where there is no light, dear One, create light by faith in God.