Quote by Pat Dews

by Kathleen Huebener in Quote for the Day

“When I am painting, I get lost in the world I am creating and life is good.” 

                                                                                       Pat Dews

A rapidly flowing stream filled with vigorous activity caught my eye. The drops and dashes of water reflected the sunshine, as the current twirled and swirled around obstacles. The movements lead my mind to think of something else that moved with passion and gusto, or should I correct “something else” to “Someone”?


In Acts 2, it was written of a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind. This mighty wind filled the house where believers were gathered in prayer. Amidst the rushing sound, a tongue of fire appeared upon each head of the believers. It was at this point that they all were filled with the Holy Ghost and talked in other languages. Talk about vigorous activity, swirling power, and reflecting glory! GOD is AWESOME! 


Pat Dews is right. When I am painting, I am overcome with the beauty in the world that I am blest to witness. I see God in the things He has created. His works remind me of His awesome power. Yes, Life is good, overwhelmingly good. 

To wrap it up: