Quote by Don Andrews

by Kathleen Huebener in Quote for the Day
“When we report the landscape, we look out.
When we interpret the landscape, we look within.
We prune, add, adjust, regulate.
We impose our thoughts and feelings on our subject…
we become personal storytellers, rather than cold, impersonal reporters.”

                                                                                Don Andrews



I like that part about artists “…being personal storytellers…” For years I painted exclusively in abstracts dripping with emotions erupting from within. At that time, when I looked at surroundings, I saw only in terms of geometric or curvilinear forms and shapes. Then a change happened. Perhaps it was beauty whispering in my ear, compelling me to paint what I see. To retain the awe-filling moment of the rising sun reflected on the snow, to seize a glimpse of life in times past, to celebrate the shadows of golden grasses upon a white gravel path, the list goes on. It is like telling a story. For artists, this storytelling is good… very good.


To wrap it up:

Copyrighted Artwork: “Two Men and a Wagon” by Kathleen Huebener