Claude Monet Quote

by Kathleen Huebener in Quote for the Day

“I have simply observed what the universe

shown me in order
                                    to bear witness to it with my brush.” 
                                                                                      Claude Monet 

 Ever take a trip to a botanical garden? The one we visited last week was complete with a Japanese garden (with koi, of course), an English garden, a rose garden, a small forest area filled with bright-variegated hostas, gazebos, benches, and a huge vegetable garden. The master gardeners had worked overtime to achieve this gorgeous array.


Before visiting the botanical garden, we had gone for a walk in rolling hills covered with purple and white clover. Scattered among the clover were purple and yellow coneflowers along with white Queen Anne’s Lace. Blue bachelor buttons and tufts of foxtail grass outlined the path. The scent of clover and chamomile permeated the whole ambiance. Come to think of it, again it was the work of The Master Gardener. Monet’s quote speaks of bearing witness; oh, I do so bear witness to all the beauty created by The Master’s hand.


To wrap it up:


Copyrighted Artwork: “Father in the Garden” by Kathleen