Garden, Ames, Iowa

by Kathleen Huebener in Art Inspires Art


Garden, Ames, Iowa 
Copyrighted Artwork by Kathleen Huebener
Reiman Gardens of the Iowa State University is the best-kept secret of Iowa.  Located on a 17-acre site in Ames, Iowa, this treasure features distinct gardens and artwork. It is a place where one can kick back and relax on a stroll among nature.


 One of my favorite spots is a courtyard of blue and white. This day the contrast of colors was mind-boggling! The cool tones of the blue courtyard were accented vividly with bright orange, gold, and red leaves. The nuances of various green ivies dappled the walls.


While the complete scene dazzled in the sunlight, the gentle breezes made the leaves flutter as giant pom-poms. The reverberation of the leaves added calm and serenity.


The sight literally took my breath away!

It was as if the courtyard literally shouted,
“Look at me! Look at me! Stop! Enjoy my beauty!”


So I did.