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Peace During American Politics

Media polls, party polls, opinions, debates, infinite calls for political donations, negative ads – through this, how can anyone remain calm and collective? God says in such times as these not to worry but to look up to Him. Everything will go according to His plan. It is calming to know that God… read more.

In Memory of Janice K. Lucas

  A funeral was held a few days ago for two dear friends’ daughter, Janice K. Lucas. Janice was a person who embraced life. She had the pioneering spirit just like her precious parents, Noma and Wayne Lucas.   Janice was always ready to provide a helping hand whenever needed. More… read more.

Opportunity calling...It's for you!

  So you think you are over the hill. You feel your time to follow your dream has been way past the “It’s too late!” mark for years. You feel inadequate to do anything about it. True, your years have been productive and you have done a good job. Perhaps you have spent your entire… read more.

Forged Into Steel

  Are you having a rough time? Do you find yourself surrounded by pressures and uncontrollable adversity? “Hang tough” is the usual phrase people say to such times. This is very easy to say, but hard to swallow when it is you who are amidst the intense heat. Perhaps you even feel the… read more.

What is Art?

  Today I saw an artist’s artwork that grossed me out. It was not vulgar but it repulsed me all the same. An artwork consisted of a line of identical legless armless naked doll bodies, with each having a different head. All the heads were not normal, but grotesque and ugly. Some of the heads… read more.

Curly, that's a lot of bull!

Randi Fladland Nogosek, a childhood friend, passed away from cancer a few days ago. I was unable to attend her memorial. If I were able to attend, I would have shared my favorite story about our adventures together. This is what I would have said:   The day began with… read more.

Fresh Perception and Passion Ahead!

Dear Fellow Artists, thanks to the encouragement and suggestions from my "Best-in-the-World" Web Site Meisters www.foliotwistcom, I am aspiring to compose new informative blog posts beginning this Monday that will reflect art in my life.   Creating art, as you already know, takes… read more.

New Vision Plus

New vision is complete! Both eyes have new lenses now. I am still recovering from surgery and a reaction to the anesthetic, but my eyes see! Wow, what a miracle to look out my window and have DEPTH PERCEPTION! For three years I have been missing that great asset of sight. One never knows… read more.

New Vision

Last Monday I had nuclear cataract surgery done on my left eye. Nuclear cataract is where the cloudy lens is replaced. I will have the right eye’s lens replaced a week from tomorrow. To an artist, sight is imperative! To you who have never undergone such surgery, what can I relate the difference… read more.